Strategic Realm Consulting has now been around for a year.  Happy Anniversary to us!  Our first blog was one year ago to coincide with Earth Day 2020.  So it seems appropriate to pay another tribute to Earth Day again this year.  Last year we asked, “What is your company doing to reduce its footprint and drive towards a circular economy?”

Earth Day

This year, let’s look at Earth Day from another perspective.  What are you doing to reduce the use of hazardous materials and substitute those with safer alternatives?  If you haven’t done this already, you should have a compilation of all chemical substances that are present in your facility.  This would include all the components of purchased raw materials, as well as any substances and by-products you are synthesizing.  Next, you should identify and understand the hazards of all components.  This is simply good product stewardship.  You want to understand the hazards that could impact your employees, your downstream customers, and the environment.  Hazards could be in the form of physical or health hazards.  They can also be environmental hazards in the form of air or water pollution.

Once you understand all of your hazards, you will want to prioritize those that are highly hazardous and investigate alternative options.  Some will be easier than others.  So maybe you work on the low hanging fruit first.  That’s ok.  You’re committing to improvements!  If you need help with any of these steps, contact us at Strategic Realm Consulting, and we can help you through the process.

Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day is more than just making a commitment to recycle more.  It requires us to understand the hazards of products we use, make and sell.  Any effort to reduce those hazards is a giant step in the right direction towards improving the health and safety of people and the environment.

Now, let’s take it a step further and look at your personal household.  What can you do to improve the health and safety for you and your family?  Are you aware that the average home contains more than 60 toxic chemicals?  Have you considered safer products that you use every day for cleaning, personal care, snacks, and nutritional supplements?  If you want some advice on how to take these steps in your home, contact me, and I can provide a solution.

Toxins at Home


Remove the toxins and substitute with alternatives that are safer, affordable, effective, and eco-friendly.  I can think of no better way to celebrate Earth Day and go “Green” this year than taking steps to protect your family.