Subscription services are everywhere.  You have various services for viewing TV shows, such as Netflix and Hulu.  Amazon Prime gives you free shipping in addition to access to some shows.  You can purchase access to newspapers online.  There are also product subscription services like Hello Fresh and Stitch Fix.  All of these services offer convenience to the consumer.  I for one, use several of these types of services.  I love the benefits of simplicity and ease.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone offered a subscription service for Product Regulatory or Product Stewardship assistance?  You could get immediate help when you receive that regulatory questionnaire from your customer, and you need some guidance in responding.  Maybe you just want to talk through some options regarding your product offerings and selling into different regions.  Perhaps you’re unsure about your obligations regarding some specific regulations.

Strategic Realm Consulting would like to offer you such a service.  For a flat fee, you can receive a set number of consulting hours each month.  If you don’t use them, they can roll over to the following month.  This will make it so much easier to just be able to pick up the phone and ask a question or submit a question by email.  It’s like having your own regulatory person on staff.

We can be flexible on the hours you want to purchase monthly, and you would receive those hours at a discount.  If you’re interested in this service, contact us at Strategic Realm Consulting, and we can give you more details.