Summer:  I love it!  It’s always a busy time of year, as we try to squeeze in so much fun before the weather turns.  However, this week in my area, the temperatures are climbing into the 90s for several days with even higher heat index numbers.  In these conditions, it’s important to protect workers from heat illness.  Although created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for workers, this Guide can also be applied to anyone having heat exposure, especially while performing some physical exertion.  Drink plenty of water and take rest breaks, preferably in the shade.  Perhaps most importantly, please watch out for one another.  Review this Guide for the signs indicating heat illness and the actions you should take.

Workplace Safety

Commitment to Safety

What about other safety precautions?  What are you doing to promote it in the workplace?  Safety is not something that happens automatically.  We must proactively put precautions in place to encourage safety.  In the workplace, this starts with the mindset of all employees from senior management to line workers.  Everyone must be committed to ensuring the safety of their fellow employees.  Without that commitment, shortcuts arise and accidents happen.  When companies demonstrate commitment to safety, they are taking steps to protect their workers from illnesses and injuries.  This will improve employee morale, increase productivity rates, and improve the bottom line.  The cost of accident prevention is far lower than the cost of accidents.


Information from OSHA

OSHA has compiled some very good information to help businesses establish safety programs.  They recently had a Safe + Sound week from Aug 9 – 15.  Although this week was meant to spotlight safety measures, it is their goal to promote safe practices throughout the entire year.  Their document called Find and Fix Hazards helps companies to identify hazards in the workplace and take appropriate control measures.  They have also created a checklist that can be used as part of the process.

Safe - Sound


Finally, did you know that OSHA can provide no-cost and confidential safety and health consultations for small- and medium-sized businesses?  These consultations are voluntary and must be requested and scheduled.  They aim to work with companies to identify hazards, provide advice for OSHA compliance, and help to establish and improve safety and health programs.


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